Live an organic lifestyle-
Choose safe, organic products, protect the earth, produce uncontaminated/organic products

No more hurting the land-
Use smart ways to grow your crops, choose safe products

Our Story

We are a group of people with a lot of concerns and expectations about our environment and the ecological balance. We are looking for appropriate and transparent ways that enable us to enjoy clean and non-toxic food. For the body, every meal counts. However,busy as we are today, we often just grab something to eat, not even knowing what we are eating.

More and more GM (genetically modified) foods are creeping into our food. Pervasive pesticides are accumulating in our bodies. Food scandals keep popping up. Human activity contaminates our land, making our crops unsafe. We need to reflect on this, and take action to change it.

We grow wholesome food for a better future

We are dedicated to providing people with clean food and to using real and right ways to grow uncontaminated crops. For, crops from clean fields are good for people but are also good for the environment. If we do not act today, our children will be faced with destroyed land.




Only products that pass our strict tests will receive our label as an easy marker for you to know that this food can be trusted.

All Bean Doe Society certified products will also be covered by insurance.

We spread knowledge about uncontaminated food through educational projects. We provide briefings and advice on fair trade to our clients and partners.

We will provide:

  • Professional consulting for farm operations.
  • Clear descriptions of origins and routings for products sold.
  • Standard processes to help farmers handle their crops.
  • food processing to creative package design and marketing advice, in comprehensive