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Bean Doe International is a group of caring the surrounding environment and ecological balance, there are a lot of questions toward it and looking forward to have solutions that through proper, clear and transparent way, so that we can get a clean, non-toxic food. More and more GM food penetrating into our food system, at the same time we also used some products with pesticide which abuse our body slowly. The growing incidence of food security, soil contamination caused by human factors, crops are no longer secure all these reason we need to reflect on and start to change.
France in the late 1800s started to introduce of coffee growing in Vietnam, and the Dalat’s altitude and climate of the area soon proved the best Vietnam Arabica growing areas.
Bean Doe coffee using Taiwan's progressive farming methods and cooperate with the farmers in high mountains of Dalat Dalat (altitude 1400 above) and  along with own farms, to get safe and nontoxic coffee beans. And by applying the process flow of independent import → baking → packaging. To ensure that consumers drinking a cup of coffee with good flavor and nontoxic.
Bean Doe Coffee Special Features:
When you start to drink there is a gentle acidity coming up first , as it rolls over your tongue, you will feel a little sour taste with a balanced bitterness, when it will reach the throat then you would feel the mellow taste. At the finish, the sweetness feeling comes up, and you would get a light smell a base of cup, a smell of caramel-like aroma pops up. A good cup of coffee does not require much address, let your taste buds dialogue with coffee directly, and it will tell you conclusion naturally.  
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