Live an organic lifestyle-
Choose safe, organic products, protect the earth, produce uncontaminated/organic products

No more hurting the land-
Use smart ways to grow your crops, choose safe products

Online support tool

We will soon develop an online trading and communication platform where all our partners can check stock quantities and the rules and results of safety inspections. The platform will also ensure that transportation and delivery is completed under the surveillance of partners.


Partner support

We aim to develop deeper collaboration with long-term partner farms, including equity investments and marketing support.


Establishment of field data

We will help partner farms set up a production database that includes soil data, water quality data, crop growth records, harvest quantity, etc., which help to carry out assessments of the conditions and actions needed at the farms, to improve yields, while maintaining quality.

Only products that pass our strict tests will receive our label as an easy marker for you to know that this food can be trusted.

All Bean Doe Society certified products will also be covered by insurance.

We spread knowledge about uncontaminated food through educational projects. We provide briefings and advice on fair trade to our clients and partners.

We will provide:

  • Professional consulting for farm operations.
  • Clear descriptions of origins and routings for products sold.
  • Standard processes to help farmers handle their crops.
  • food processing to creative package design and marketing advice, in comprehensive